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The Armoury is undoubtedly one of our favorite places to visit in Hong Kong for a peek at the best curation of classic menswear and world-class quality tailoring and craftsmanship, not to mention each person's impeccable style.

It's no wonder Mark Cho was selected as one of the people featured in the inaugural issue of Materialist Magazine . The magazine's intention is very much in line with what we're about here at HIMYS - "to establish a deeper connection with people in fashion by getting to know them through their most influential possessions". We were excited to be commissioned to photograph portraits of the gentlemen at the store.

Issue 00 gives us a look into Mark Cho's most prized objects including Lamy pens, his favorite watches, mice, and his Liverano suits. I love this quote: "When I wear this particular suit, I always think of the conversations I had with Antonio and how he interpreted what he though of me into a garment, which is how every great custom item should be made. Nothing of excellence is ever as simple as a spec sheet and a delivery schedule".

The magazine can be purchased here.

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