Nicole Loher
Manhattan, NY
Photography - Carmen Chan

Nicole's quiet confidence and unwavering work ethic have brought her opportunities in life and in fashion, earlier than most. These rare qualities in a genuine package draws readers back to her blog for sound style advice as well as encouraging life advice. She unabashedly shares what's on her mind and doesn't let anyone or anything stop her from moving forward. Let her be your guide on how to stay sane and humble living the fast-paced life of a girl on the rise in Manhattan's fashion world.

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Nicole Loher

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Nicole Loher. I’m an eighteen year old sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, I blog, and I’m a social media intern at Jennifer Behr.


How’d you develop your personal style/become interested in fashion? How has your style changed over the years?

My style went from super crazy and undefined to incredibly boyish very quickly last year. Right now I feel like I’m at an in between with that boyish style and something I call “city chic.” City chic is just an easier way for me to say Manhattan girls who know what they want, they’re getting it, and they dress really well while doing it. I became interested in sewing when I was eight. My mom taught me how to hand sew at my kitchen table. From there I enrolled in a fashion design program when I was a freshman in high school at SCAD. That program opened my eyes to the world of fashion. From there, there was no turning back.


Latest inspiration?

Hmm… The 90′s and a melting pot of lady friends I’ve never even met.


Favorite stores/brands/companies?

The Prada store in SoHo is always number one. I like Betsey Johnson. I like Givenchy. I like to support Nanette Lepore when I have the funds.

There’s this book drop in Baltimore called “The Book Thing.” People from the community drop books off at this bookshelf infested garage complex. Then people from the community can just come in and take books as they please. I’m almost positive that’s where I developed my love for reading. Near my home in Maryland, there’s this thrift store called “Wear It’s At.” They have the best selection of vintage. It’s not a trip home until I’ve been there. The Sound Garden in Fells Point has an amazing record collection.

I’m also a really big fan of companies that give back ie. Falling Whistles.


What else do you enjoy outside of fashion?

I love to run. It’s my favorite thing to do when I have down time. I’m a total coffee fanatic too. I spent some time working at a coffee shop this past semester. When it comes down to it though, I’m most content curled up on my sofa infront of the fire place with my cat, Lucy, listening to Sinatra on vinyl at my home in Maryland. Picturesque, huh?


Most challenging/rewarding experience in life so far?

I’d have to say the entire FIT experience. For the first time ever I’m on my own. I wasn’t really social in high school and didn’t have many friends. I’ve learned to cook and take care of myself. I’ve learned to push myself hard because no one in the real world will do it for me. Transitioning into my life in New York so successfully is an incredible feeling.


What are your next steps? (next projects?)

I’m looking to get Jennifer Behr’s social media started and off the ground. I’d like to do some freelance writing for a magazine in the near future. My end goal remains the same though: I want to work for Prada.


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