Los Angeles, CA
Photography - Carmen Chan

Known to most as The Stylish Wanderer, Minnie's choice in blog name accurately depicts the way she seeks art, theater and fashion in life. Discovering her own definition of style at a young age through library books and various magazine subscriptions, she proves that style can be had at any age.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m 15 and currently live in Los Angeles where I attend high school, chase straight A’s, prepare to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe fest this August, play classical piano, read Vonnegut, write scripts, watch old classics and blog. I was born in LA and raised there until 4th grade, when I moved to Oregon with my mother. We lived on the side of a mountain amidst endless green trees and very tall woodpeckers until I was 14 and moved back to LA for high school. I am a full time student and blog whenever I get the chance.

How’d you get into fashion?

I grew up in it since my mother and aunt would take me shopping with them. I spent a lot of time in dressing rooms. And when I was younger my family would throw a lot of sparkling parties and so I loved the dress up part of all that… the cocktail dresses and gold jewelry. Then I bought Teen Vogue when I was about 11 and it just happened like that. I asked what was the difference between fashion and style. That stumped my mother, so I checked out all the books at the county library on fashion. There weren’t many. I read 8 of them, bought a couple I wanted for my library and I was hooked…At one point I had 7 different magazine subscriptions.


Latest inspiration?
I have been really inspired lately by the laid back clothes that I see my friends put on. Theres a lot of denim jackets and loose dresses and crystals and its a lifestyle that looks really relaxing and long range I’m working on creating a life that is just calm and relaxed. Like, I just know I need to balance my chakras.


Favorite stores/brands/companies?
American Apparel, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Marc Jacobs, Levis (I love their campaigns!) T by Alexander Wang, Richard Chai, Goodwill, JBrand, Pray for Mother Nature denim, Mr. Kate jewelry, Verameat, Pamela Love, Channel, Chloe, Opening Ceremony, Rodarte and so many others…


What else do you enjoy besides fashion?

Photography (every kind, digital, 35 millimeter, Holga, fish eye, disposable, all of it!), books, writing, Walt Whitman, cats, roses, soundtracks to films, 70s music, Los Angeles’ sky line at night, Chris Pine and his analytical brain. I watch a lot of movies as well, I love the technical aspects of them.


What are your next steps? (next projects?)

Because of high school I have to turn a lot of opportunities down. But some things demand my taking the time…So I am working directly with Chip and Pepper Foster on concept projects for Chip and Pepper Wet Wear (their new Canadian line) and Chip and Nicole Foster’s newest project, Pray for Mother Nature denim.


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