James Nord

Lower East Side, NY
Photography - Ken Wu

In the Lower East Side, we officially kick off our foray into the world of well dressed gentlemen. We met up with the multi-talented James Nord, photographer, racer for Rapha and co-owner of Deux North. Generously taking us on a tour of the LES, he also shared his photography, and stories of his biking adventures. Thanks, James!

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James Nord

Tell us a little bit about yourself

28 year old fashion photographer living in New York City.


How’d you develop your personal style/become interested in fashion?

Early on my Mom always stressed the importance of being different and normalcy was our family’s only taboo. As I grew older, I was drawn to formality and back when everyone was in skinny jeans, chucks and some tragic t-shirt I decided I would wear a suit every day. That was 3 years ago and while I have more or less been in a suit and tie every day of it. My style has changed a bit and my suits have gotten a little better but I stick to an easy formula of skinny pants, lapels and ties with cropped pants and big hair.


Latest inspiration?

Recently I keep going back to Prada’s FW2012 show, could I pull off turtlenecks under dress shirts without a tie? I am not sure, but I might as well try.


Favorite stores/brands/companies?

For suits, J. Lindeberg is my go to: Slim cut with Scandinavian tailoring (this sounds more pretentious than I mean it to be). For shirts I like to go to Michael Andrews Bespoke when I can, and active wear I am a Rapha devotee.


What else do you enjoy?

I am a bit of an obsessive and grew up in a passion centered house. I race my bicycle here in New York City and have a cycling brand Deux North that I run with my little brother. I am also a co-founder of Fohr Card, which is a new service that will change the way brands and bloggers work together.


Most challenging/rewarding experience in life so far?

In high school I was obsessed with winning a state championship in wrestling. I was completely consumed with it. I used to watch TV with my family while drilling moves and I also was working hard to cut weight. I was 5’10 112 pounds and I was only eating about 600 calories a day and working out 3-5 hours. I used to wake up at 5AM every morning and ride a stationary bike next to a fireplace for an hour to sweat. It was dangerous, stupid and untimely futile (doctors made me stop) but I wouldn’t change it. Getting through that season gave me the tools to deal with the hard things I have to do in life. All the sudden a 20 hour work day is a breeze as compared with losing 13 pounds in 24 hours.


What are your next steps?

I am a house photographer with Oscar de la Renta and I am really excited to be shooting 10 editorials with them over the next 6 months. I also have things coming up with J. Lindeberg, Rapha and Penguin that I am really excited about. Beyond that I am really excited to be working with Holly Stair and Rich Tong on Fohr Card, we have a chance to make a real impact and that’s invigorating.


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James Nord

Lower East Side, NY

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