Gemma Rowlands
Brooklyn, NY
Photography - Carmen Chan

Gemma moved across the pond after her beautiful sketches landed her a gig in the concrete jungle. Having been immersed in art since she was young, she continues to let her passion for creativity fuel her dreams; designing for Rocawear mens and working on her own line of fadetoblack handbags. Her blog offers a double dose of inspiration through daily style and exclusive looks at her personal sketchbooks and illustrations. Take a peek at our east coast debut in New York!

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Gemma Rowlands

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a Brit living in new York working as a menswear designer for Rocawear.

How’d you get into fashion?

I’ve been sketching since I was very young so studying in some kind of art related field was a given. I studied fashion design in england and moved to NY 3 months after graduating, after scoring an illustrator position at a forecasting company.


Latest inspiration?
Right now? Any glimpse of warm weather or sunshine and I’m inspired.


Favorite stores/brands/companies?
I’m loving Karen walker eyewear right now and shakuhachi has caught my eye….I’m always on sites such as pixie market, SpanishMossVintage and Nasty gal amongst a million others


What else do you enjoy besides fashion?



What are your next steps? (next projects?)

I fell off the face of the earth for a bit but now I’m ready and starting to make some bags again so stay tuned!


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