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As a brand that focuses on integrating lifestyle and art with the development of international fashion brands, Electric sekki has created a beautiful space that cultivates innovation and the desire to inspire and seek inspiration from Hong Kong culture. Join us and Priscilla l'Anson, the voice behind Electric sekki online, as she shares some of her favorite ES looks and her insight on the future of fashion in Hong Kong.

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Electric sekki

Tell us a little bit about Electric sekki

Electric sekki is a fashion bureau specialising in strategic distribution placement and brand development in Asia. We work with the most exciting creative minds in the industry, not just in terms of design, but also in retail, digital strategy, lifestyle and art. In addition to Hong Kong, we also have offices in Beijing, Taipei and Bangkok, giving us a unique insight into what’s ‘cool’ and upcoming throughout Asia.


How does ES see fashion in Hong Kong compared to other parts of the world?

The great thing about fashion in Hong Kong is that it’s matured past that stage where much of the population was “logo obsessed”; the locals are now starting to develop more sophisticated, unique tastes. One thing that we often find is that Hong Kong women want to stand out, without looking like they’ve dressed head-to-toe in one designer. Hong Kong fashion is still very much about looking “put together”, and we absolutely encourage that, but we’re also introducing Asia to “cooler” more unique designers that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. The response so far has been fantastic, so it’s a really exciting time to be in fashion in Hong Kong!


What inspires the brand and the space?

One of the most important things for us is to be contributing to the creative industry in Hong Kong, and building the city up as a place that’s inspiring and different from the norm. So we worked with several artists, including Tom Dixon who did the lighting, and inProjects who designed many of the organic-inspired interiors. We also display sculptures and photography that were created by many of the artists who work with the brands that we represent. So, really, what inspires us is people who “do it differently”, and people who “do it well”. When you’ve got innovation and hard-work behind you, you’re bound to be doing something right.


How has HK culture/style influenced ES’s vision?

Hong Kong (and Asia in general) is distinctly different from the West, and as we work predominantly with Western brands, it’s really about translating their vision in a way that the Asian customer can understand and appreciate. So, really, instead of allowing Asian culture and style to influence Electric sekki, we’ve really thought about it terms of: how can we educate this culture about these unique, different brands that we’re working with? How can we create a culture around Electric sekki and our portfolio of brands that benefits both Asia as a whole and us at the same time? We’ve done this through our blog which focuses on fashion, lifestyle and culture throughout Asia, we do it through hosting unique events, and we do it through constantly introducing to our audience new ideas, new designs, new inspirations.


What has contributed to the rapid growth of ES?

Well, for one, our three fantastic founders – Amiee, Peter and Drew – have decades of experience and knowledge behind them and are fully supportive of the whole Electric sekki team. We are all constantly learning from one another and the work environment is so unique to Hong Kong in that it’s very open, creative and we all love coming into the office to do our job. The other thing is that we’re doing it differently. I think if anyone does anything differently, they’re bound to get noticed. And, really, finally: I think our portfolio of brands speaks for itself. Each designer that we represent is one that is truly unique and awe-inspiring. When you’re working with awe-inspiring people, it’s hard not to get noticed!


Do you have any insights on the future of fashion in HK?

The coming years in Hong Kong are going to be extremely interesting. More and more Asian designers are getting noticed on an International level, and Asian trade shows such as Seoul Fashion Week and even Rosemount Australian Fashion week are getting more media attention than ever. This definitely influences fashion in Hong Kong. Locals are becoming more adventurous with their fashion choices, and we’re starting to see a real fraction of styles amongst the locals. It used to be that Hong Kong was strictly very corporate in style; suit, tie, leather shoes. Nowadays, we’re seeing these distinct style groups emerging: you have really dark and slinky Hilary Tsui-style women who love their leather patch leggings, black draped tops and super-chunky “flatform” shoes; then you have the more conservative “professionals” who prefer timeless silhouettes done in luxe fabrics; you also have a group now that are influenced by international bloggers, who love their sky-high wedge platforms, short-shorts and over-the-top accessories; finally, you have the Japanese-influenced style-set that tend to dress in a more feminine “cute” style. These local style groups are definitely expanding and new styles are emerging. I think Hong Kong is going to become a “beacon” of style for the future as China becomes increasingly more economically powerful.


What is your favorite thing about ES/being a part of ES?

Electric sekki is such a unique place to work; it’s a place where innovation and hard-work are really valued and you have so much freedom to pitch ideas and try something new. So many local companies get stagnated in their bureaucratic ways; Electric sekki is fresh and exciting, and the reason behind its success is because of its gung-ho approach to innovation and complete support of creativity. I am inspired every time I walk into that office, and am consistently amazed by the talent and enthusiasm that surrounds us all each day.


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