Cindy Ko
Hong Kong
Photography - Carmen Chan

While Cindiddy claims that she is "just a noble nobody," her larger than life fashion persona says the opposite. This Hong Kong fashion blogger first started experimenting with clothes as a young 13-year-old model. As you can see, she's fully matured into her own unique style as she blogs her way through life and multiple wardrobes. Cindiddy is our very first overseas feature - hopefully the first of many to come!

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Cindy Ko

Tell us a little bit about yourself

25, born in Hong Kong, lived in Vancouver and London now back in Hong Kong. Started blogging in November of 2008, after seeing a feature of bloggers on Vogue. Gia Marie Carangi inspires me. I like to think that my style is a combination of Jen Brill and Miroslava Duma. I love Karaoke. I love to eat. I love YouTube. I try to study. I try to paint. I try to get the most out of life. Just a noble nobody.


How’d you get into fashion?

I guess it all started when I started modeling at 13 in Vancouver. My first interactions with fashion were photo shoots, castings, portfolios…etc. However, I believe I only started developing some sort of a “style” when I began writing my blog. Yes, I wear what I would usually wear on my blog but posting photos of what you wear on a blog, where people read and comment, really gives you a clearer idea of what your “style” is and once knowing that, you ultimately and naturally begin to develop it. You evolve.


Latest inspiration?

Movies…Black Swan, No Strings Attached, Love and Other Drugs, Conviction, Just Like Heaven.¬†People…Natalie Portman, Natalia Vodianova, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kardashians, Olivia Palermo, Ivanka Trump.¬†Things…Flowers.


Favorite stores/brands/companies?

American Apparel, Twinkle, Chanel, YSL, Celine, Zara,, Lane Crawford


What else do you enjoy besides fashion?

Family, work, friends, food, sleep, fruits, sunscreen, body lotion, living life and having fun.


What are your next steps? (next projects?)

Breaking the barrier between fashion blogging and the fashion industry.


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