Ashley Glorioso
Los Angeles, CA
Photography - Ken Wu

Every fashionista is a bit of a diva on the inside. When the camera comes out, so does her model gaze, her sexy pout, and a swish of the hips. Ashley is all that plus a little bit of quirk and a lot of fun, from tip-toeing and sneaking around on the top of her roof to busting out her signature "drunken fairy" pose.  She keeps busy by styling for Planet Blue and millions of other side projects, but we're sure that she's probably up for anything as long as she can bring out her true self and her little pup.

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Ashley Glorioso

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Born and raised in la, ca. web stylist and visual merchandiser for planet blue. and other bric a brac.


How’d you get into fashion?

Worked in a store during high school. Started to climb the ladder the old school way and got different random awesome jobs. Just went with the flow and rolled with the punches, worked as a buyer for years, visual merchandiser, in design, a bit of consulting, freelance and now e-commerce styling, and here I am.


Latest inspiration?

Since i work in the fashion industry, I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings. so many brands, styles, fabrics, shapes, colors, trends….


Favorite stores/brands/companies?

Ohhhhh mannnn sooooo many…There’s honestly so many that I like equally that I will feel bad leaving any of them out. The list is endless and there are so many added all the time.


What else do you enjoy besides fashion?

I like to zone out! hang out by the pool…Or anywhere I can soak up the sun. Watch some weird tv – I love law & order marathons, and that strange addictions show where people eat rocks and fabric softener and couch cushions, and of course the food network. (I think I might actually be an 87 year old woman). I love going out to eat and trying every cheesy, truffle-y thing in the world….Hanging out with my boyfriend, family, friends, and my little white dog. Basically i like relaxin’ and maxin’ as much as humanly possible.


What are your next steps? (next projects?)

I like to take whatever comes my way – Keepin’ that motto going. I just finished two amazing lookbooks that I loved working on, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent and for Love and Lemons. They were both so my style and I loved everyone I worked with. And of course keeping a weekly creative flow going for planet blue- since we shoot every week we need to constantly come up with new ideas, trends, lookbooks… So that keeps my on my toes! It’s a bit of a clothing overload!


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